When I first thought of buying this amazing little company I didn’t know very much about mineral makeup, so I asked my girlfriend, Kelly to tell me what she knew. She said it was pure and good for your skin and made you look pretty. So I did a little poking around and I found that lots of companies that sell mineral makeup are not good or pure and even if they made you look pretty you were absorbing lots of chemicals into your skin.

So I put a question out to several companies to ask where their minerals came from.  One well known company who shall remain nameless so in don’t get sued said their minerals were totally packaged here. Huh? But, where did they come from? Lots of non-answers is what I got.

So please find out where your minerals are coming from and what exactly are these “fillers” I hear about?  I straightened Kelly out and now I’m here for you!

Makeup is absorbed into our skin and so I think we need to know what we are absorbing. I didn’t mean to be a blogger, but someone had to do it, so here I am and stay tuned. I’ll try to show up once a weekish.

So I told Kelly that Affordable Mineral Makeup is 100% free of all chemicals (yea)  never tested on animals (double Yea) vegan and made right here in the good old USA.  Not assembled here, not packaged here, but made here…hear?  So I bought this amazing little company and I am really proud of it.

So please know what you are doing. Be smart. Be healthy. Be pretty.

Arlene Sherman, Proud Owner of Affordable Mineral Makeup since 2010