You know those days (we’ve all had them) when you look like…well you know what I mean, don’t you? Those days where the only thing that will make your hair look good is a baseball cap? Oh, but about your face? You could start wearing a burka, that would do it.  But hmmm, there might [...]

Why do Women Wear Makeup?

Makeup is more than likely the only true recession proof product after that other proof, as in 70 proof booze!  Makeup is a gazillion dollar business and once we get our first taste (makeup, that is, not booze) there is no going back. But why? After all if you think about it isn’t natural beauty [...]

A Discussion Between Girlfriends

When I first thought of buying this amazing little company I didn’t know very much about mineral makeup, so I asked my girlfriend, Kelly to tell me what she knew. She said it was pure and good for your skin and made you look pretty. So I did a little poking around and I found [...]

Makeup is Such A Weird Word

Well think about it.  We makeup after a fight.  We makeup stories.  We makeup lies. We makeup our bed. So where did the word makeup come to mean what we put on our face? Research tells me the term makeup in a cosmetic sense started in 1886 but I cannot find out why. But if [...]

Who Cares if Makeup is Cruelty Free?

Believe it or not there actually are people who don’t care if an animal is abused, mistreated, tortured even, just so their eye shadow will last longer. I wonder, now that more and more states are considering animal cruelty a felony, if this will apply to cosmetic companies and others who test their products on [...]

It Shouldn’t Look Like Makeup

We’ve all seen how overly made up is a really bad look.  Your makeup should look like skin, not makeup.  One of the very many benefits of applying mineral makeup is that it is buildable. You decide when enough is enough.  Not what comes out of a bottle or a jar! With minerals you start [...]