Believe it or not there actually are people who don’t care if an animal is abused, mistreated, tortured even, just so their eye shadow will last longer. I wonder, now that more and more states are considering animal cruelty a felony, if this will apply to cosmetic companies and others who test their products on animals.

I remember a long time ago seeing a rabbit taped down, completely unable to move, its eyes taped open and some unknown substance drip by drip in its eyes. It is an image that has stayed with me for a very long time. And I am appalled each and every time I think of it.

Sure, we want the best products, best makeup, longest lasting, prettiest colors, but come on…
Who was it that said, “I love humanity, its mankind I cannot stand?”

Affordable Mineral Makeup will never purchase from any vendor that is not 100% cruelty free. And you know what? Our colors are intensely gorgeous, very long lasting and suitable for all skin types.

Mineral Makeup is actually good for your skin. Really. It is pure minerals from the earth, no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial anything and 100% vegan.

So aside from being cruelty free make-up which matters a lot to us here at Affordable Mineral Makeup, we carry a full line of foundation colors from the lightest skin to the deepest richest dark colors.

So if your skin is oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, mature skin or even prone to breaking out skin, our natural mineral makeup will work beautifully for you.

So if you know people that do not care if animals are abused and tortured, get away from them as soon as you can. None of us need cruelty in our lives.