We’ve all seen how overly made up is a really bad look.  Your makeup should look like skin, not makeup.  One of the very many benefits of applying mineral makeup is that it is buildable. You decide when enough is enough.  Not what comes out of a bottle or a jar!

With minerals you start slow…real slow and then add as you wish.

One of the really wonderful things about Affordable Mineral Makeup’s minerals is that they are highly color intense. This means you use tiny amounts of blush or shadow so the makeup lasts a really long time.  It’s why we call it affordable!

Whether your skin tone is light, dark or anything in-between, we have your shade of foundation.  We advise to start with a primer so you have a smooth surface upon which to build your foundation. Tiny lines get filled in as if they aren’t even there.

Then, we have gorgeous finishers in 4 different shades. Opaque, pink, yellow and tan. Gorgeous.

Affordable Mineral Makeup is committed to offering the highest quality of minerals at an affordable price.

There might be a company out there that has great customer service, but no one does it better than we do, and they never will. Promise.