Makeup is more than likely the only true recession proof product after that other proof, as in 70 proof booze!  Makeup is a gazillion dollar business and once we get our first taste (makeup, that is, not booze) there is no going back. But why? After all if you think about it isn’t natural beauty the ideal?  Isn’t this why we spend tons of money to look like we are not wearing makeup?

And, not only to look like we aren’t wearing makeup, but we keep trying to look younger once we leave our teens.

So why do we do it?

Well we are influenced by influence.  The standard of beauty has been designed to sell makeup and fashion and we buy into all of it.   We do it for the promise of beauty, youth, sexy, desirable and yes, confidence. Well seriously, who wouldn’t want all that?

Someone somewhere gave the following advice to males.  “Never marry a woman you have not seen without makeup!”

All this probably started with Cleopatra who found some black smudge and made circles around her eyes.

So now we have Natural Makeup. Pure Makeup. Mineral Makeup, age defying makeup. Makeup for blemish free faces. Makeup that is vegan. Vegan? Does anyone think we eat this stuff? Makeup that makes your skin less oily. Makeup that makes your skin look matte. Makeup that has sun screen. Makeup that moisturizes. Makeup that you can swim in, sweat in, make love in.

But most of all, we want makeup that makes us looks pretty, alluring, younger. Lots of us would not go to the mailbox without makeup.

So we wear makeup for all these reasons. We love makeup! Just look in our makeup drawer to see bottle after bottle, jar after jar of makeup we don’t use. have tried. We search for that perfect makeup, and you know what? We’ll never stop! Try AMM…you will love it! It’s perfect!