You know those days (we’ve all had them) when you look like…well you know what I mean, don’t you?

Those days where the only thing that will make your hair look good is a baseball cap?

Oh, but about your face? You could start wearing a burka, that would do it.  But hmmm, there might be another way.

Yes! There is another way. It’s B & B.  No, no, not bed and breakfast silly goose!  It’s bronzer with a touch of blush.

Bet you never thought of a bit of blush over a bronzer, and I do mean a bit.

Of course the rim of the baseball cap casts a little shadow on your face, which at these moments is manna from heaven.

So don’t go all crazy that you look like you know what. Just Whoa and Glow.

That’s right.  You just glow girl. You just glow.

Affordable Mineral Makeup has two beautiful bronzers. Try one and we’ll send you the other as a gift.  Whoa!